About Me
Learn how to reframe limiting views to make more space for new possibilities in your life. If you want to experience more ease, joy, and clarity in your life, this is a perfect way for you to start.
life design, self-development, energetic awareness, consciousness, aleksandra nkumah, access bars
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Hi! My name is Aleksandra. Welcome to the doorstep of a different world!


You haven’t found this page by coincidence; you found it because you were asking the universe for something divergent. 


I created this page because I want to help you get to a place of trusting, knowing, and being YOU. Everything here is designed to help you immerse deep within the power inside you and start creating a life worth living (or of your own choosing.)


I’m talking about THAT life you know is possible for you, but somehow lost the sight of. When creating that life, the lines between wrong and right ways can be a bit blurry. We get caught up in who we think we need to be and what others expect from us. 


But here I welcome you to be everything you are.  I salute your difference, your uniqueness, your quirkiness, and your weirdness. I am here to show you a world beyond judgment, right & wrong. A place where possibilities become available for you. Where you can freely choose what you know is true for you. 


Are you ready to know what is true for you? Get clear on your desires and actualize the reality you feel belongs to you. I’m here to help you uncover whatever  “wrong” beliefs you made up about yourself and help you discover what is “strong.” The power of choice is the most potent gift we receive. 


Allow me to show you how to use it. Ask me how!