Asking for change?
Learn how to reframe limiting views to make more space for new possibilities in your life. If you want to experience more ease, joy, and clarity in your life, this is a perfect way for you to start.
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Private online sessions

When you attend private sessions with me, prepare for an energetic whirlwind of change. Now, if a whirlwind is not what you are looking for, think again. At any given point in time, you will find yourself in the midst of things that seem unchangeable. How could they not? We carry some of them with us for most of our lives.  But are points of view, judgments, and decisions about and around certain subjects really set in stone?


If you start building a house and forget in the middle that this is a house you’re creating for yourself, you’ll try and drag in almost anybody who has more “knowledge about it” than you. But architects and construction workers don’t know your life as you do. My job in these private sessions is to bring back the awareness that it is you who is building the house – and that it’s you who knows about your life way more than anybody else. 


Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t invite somebody to the project that will enrich your world with information. It means you’ll be doing so from a place of being, power, and potency – knowing that you are the source of change and the catalyst of how your life shows up for you.


BONUS: You’ll receive a recording after all of these sessions to maximize your results and transformations. 


15 min session – LASER SESSIONS (75€)


The 15-minute sessions are quick meetings that get you out of the funk. We will check what is bothering you and the clear points of view that keep blocking your vision/sight/perspective. I’ll help you take a big breath and peel off some layers of judgment that will help you make different choices. You might be surprised by the change we can create in 15 minutes. Hint: energetic sessions and changes that arise from them are not linear and take you directly from point A to point be. These sessions are like planting seeds that keep on growing every time they see a glimpse of light.


30 min sessions – PRESENCE SESSIONS (150€)

The 30 min sessions are where we get to practice/ facilitate /expand /explore a more in-depth change. The go-to mantra on this sessions is NO JUDGEMENT. We’ll apply the tools that will help you be truly present with what is going on in your life.  We’ll practice looking at any situation in your life and start letting go of the solidity of judgment. Just by learning how to do that, your life will instantly feel brighter and lighter. Make sure you replay the recording you get on this session over and over for the best results. 


60 min sessions DIVING DEEP (250€)


The 60-minute sessions are a deep dive into your life and the way of living. You may be questioning right now, “well, how deep can a 60-minute dive be?” Very deep, if you’re willing to.

These sessions are for people who are willing to embrace change. After this session, your life will not be the same because different energy will enter your world and sweep the dust of the old one away.Together, we’ll look at the points of view you have, and address questions to the areas of your choosing.  I will be with you every step of the way, and I will lead you to acknowledge more of you. 


Here’s the deal. The more you are willing to be “YOU” and show up as your “TRUE SELF” the more generous the Universe with handing you gifts that are designed uniquely for you. When you are “YOU,” you’re serving as a gift to the Universe, and with this session, we’ll invite it to serve you in return. This will not show up as a serendipitous event but as a way of being. To deepen, broaden, and widen the change, listen to the recording you receive after the session. 


Mini video courses

Have any questions? Get in touch!