The language of the body and how to hear yours?
Learn how to reframe limiting views to make more space for new possibilities in your life. If you want to experience more ease, joy, and clarity in your life, this is a perfect way for you to start.
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The language of the body and how to hear yours?

I have been a lover of bodies ever since I came into the world. It is one of the reasons I ended up in a line of work where I encourage and empower people to actually connect and live with their bodies instead of just bossing them around and judging them when things do not show up the way they decided they should.

Your body is a sensational, sensory organism and one of the most magical creations of the universe. Your body is pure consciousness, and often it is willing to contribute to you in ways that you judge it for because it doesn’t match your agendas about life and living.

If you don’t mind me asking – when was the last time you spoke with your body? Or when was the last time you connected with your body? Do you know what brings your body pleasure? Do you know what causes it pain?

We can communicate with our bodies with ease if we don’t get trapped in our heads. After all, the head is a space where the majority of people live nowadays. If we do some research about the evolution of human species and bodies, we’ll find plenty of information, proving it was our heads and minds that propelled us to the top. 

That’s why, in today’s society, we relish the human mind and often disregard the body. But you couldn’t be on this planet, enjoying all it has to offer – without your body, right? After all, your head is just a part of it and not the only place where consciousness lives. It can be the only place you strive to live in, for sure, but that causes unease in your body. 

Why? Because your body wants to be and play with you, it wants to be your friend, and it wants to show you all magical, miraculous things it can gift you. If you keep living in your head, you make receiving from your body very difficult, so in time your body can get upset and sad.

Think about your body as if it were your puppy. Have you ever seen or had a puppy? Puppies are kind of dependent on you, and they do ask you for attention, but they also constantly desire to gift it back to you. They will always come to say hi or give you a kiss. They will never judge you, always be there for you need them, and be this silent support system that always has your back and lets you know you are truly never alone.

Your body is just like that. But what do we often do in return?

Well, we judge them, tell them they are too fat, too skinny, too this and too that. We constantly compare ourselves to models on the covers of our favorite magazine, and we become so angry if we get sick or our hair starts falling out. 

Why do we always turn to “professionals” when these things start happening instead of turning to our bodies? Well, we could say that it’s conditioning or education. But let’s be real, who in the world knows your body better than you do? You are the one that spends all the time, yes, all the time with your body. All those nights in bed, meals you eat, walks you take in nature. Yup, it’s all you and your body, and later on, some special individuals that decide to join you on your journey. 

So what if you could start talking directly to your body instead of talking about it to others as if it’s not there? I mean, honestly, how would you feel in a group of people that doesn’t acknowledge your presence? Not so great, hey?

So how CAN you start engaging in that conversation?

1. Acknowledge you have a body

You might be tempted to think, “yes, yes, of course, I know I have a body,” but try and take a moment or two to just allow yourself to acknowledge that your body was given to you as a gift! To be frank, chances to get a body and be born on this planet aren’t exactly in your favor. The odds of getting one are so low; It’d be easier for you to win multiple lotteries in a row. Having a body makes you a winner! Acknowledge that gift!

2. Practice communicating with your body

Well, your body might not use words to communicate with you, but it does use energy. You know when you eat something, and your entire body sings when you take the first bite? That is your body’s way of saying, yeeees! Another example would be trying on a new perfume and immediately wanting to take a shower because it just doesn’t smell good. 

Acknowledging these signs and communicating with your body takes practice. Don’t forget, regular practice gives you the possibility to master a skill, and the beauty of it is that you can fail and not judge yourself. Your body doesn’t judge you. Why would you judge yourself?

3. Acknowledgment of what your body truly is

Have you ever asked yourself what your body is? Do you think you only have a visible body, or is there a chance that your body is much more than what it appears to be? What you see in the mirror is far from what your body truly is, so start acknowledging its power by simply asking it, “Body, can you show me the greatness of you? What are you that I haven’t yet acknowledged, and what can we create together?”

You and your body are in this game of life together, but how often do you acknowledge that you are intertwined? Somehow somewhere down the road, we learn to separate ourselves from our bodies. There is no better time than the present to start changing the point of view you have about your body so it can appear differently and show you the magic it holds.

If you could start talking to your body today, what would you say?